Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

  It all began with my parents.  Both of them had a photography business in California.      

My mother taught me the basics of photography – lighting &  subject  matter while my father taught me about developing  photos in the Dark Room.  Both of them instilled upon me the importance of the craft  while developing the skill that a photography profession is to reflect. 

Over the years I’ve found I have a natural ability, an ‘eye’ for taking pictures, capturing a shot that has emotion which engages the onlooker.

I hope my photography portfolio speaks to you.


The birth of a child is special – and so is the bond of love that is shared by a brother and sister











Dating and having fun is for everyone even at 83






The creative spark can be seen with this artisan’s jewelry






Showing your Real Estate online with a photo can help sell the property*

*This property is not for sale








Cover your Event

6th Annual Holistic Living Expo                                       McGlynn Chiropractic

Capture your Presentation:  Susan Duval Seminar’s|Alan Cohen’s  ‘Keep the Change’

   (I can also show corporate meetings/presentations)



Make a memory of your childs’ Christening








OR Communion





Personalize your Wedding* 





~ by njwphotography on August 21, 2011.

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